• HEIGHT: The preferred height range is:
    • Stallions & Geldings 11.3 hh (119.4 cm) to 12.3 hh (129.5cm) at
    • Mares 11.2 hh (116.8 cm) to 12.2 hh (127 cm) at maturity.
  • GENERAL APPEARANCE OR TYPE: Definite "pony" character; hard and strong; vigorous and alert and symmetrical in appearance; mealy muzzle; "Toad eyes".
  • HEAD AND NECK: Ears short, thick and pointed; clean cut face; wide forehead; eyes large, wide apart and prominent (Toad eyes); wide nostrils; mealy muzzle; clean throat; good length of rein.
  • SHOULDERS: Clean, fine at top, well laid back.
  • CHEST: Deep & wide between and behind forelegs; ribs long, deep, well sprung and wide apart.
  • BACK: Level; broad and level across loins; tail neatly set in.
  • LEGS: Clean and short, with neat hard feet; forelegs straight, well apart and squarely set; hind legs well apart, nearly perpendicular from hock to fetlock with point of hock in line with pelvis bone; wide curve from flank to hock joint; legs free in motion with no tendency to sweep or turn.
  • ACTION: Straight and smooth, without exaggerated action.
  • COAT: Summer - close, hard and bright
    Winter - a double-layered dense coat with an under insulating layer of fine, springy hair and an outer water-proofing layer of hard, greasy hair.
  • COLOUR: Bay, brown or dun, with black points; mealy colour on muzzle, round eyes and inside flanks; no white markings anywhere.
  • QUALITY: Alert expression and general poise indicating balance and symmetry of movement; fine clean bone.


a) All Exmoor ponies exhibited in In-Hand Classes shall be shown in "natural" condition. The following treatments are prohibited:

  • Trimming of any area of coat, mane, forelock, ears, whiskers and jaw line, under-belly, tail or feathers.
  • Clipping
  • Plaiting
  • Application of make-up or artificial colouring
  • Attachment of any false pieces

The following treatments are permitted:

  • Washing and brushing
  • Application of Hoof Oil

b) Exmoor ponies exhibited in ridden and/or driving classes shall be shown as in (a) above except that, apart from the legs, they may have been clipped.

c) Exmoor ponies exhibited in driving classes shall be shown according to (a) and (b) above, except that trimming of tails is permitted.

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