• HEIGHT: Normally 128 cm to 148 cm at maturity.
  • COLOURS: Grey, black, bay, brown, dun with occasional roan, chestnut, palomino and dark eyed cream.
  • TYPE: Compact, well balanced riding type with depth, substance and good heart room. Standing on short legs covering a lot of ground.
  • HEAD: Well-balanced pony head of medium length with good width between large kindly eyes. Pony ears, well-defined cheekbone, jaw relatively deep but not coarse.
  • FRONT: Head well set on to neck. Crest should not be over-developed. Neck not set on too low. Well laid-back shoulder giving a good length of rein.
  • BODY: Body should be deep, with strong back, some length permissible but should be well ribbed up and with strong loins.
  • LIMBS: Good length and strength in forearm, well-defined knees and short cannons with flat bone measuring 18-21 cm. Elbows should be free. Pasterns of medium length, feet well shaped of medium size, hard and level.
  • HIND QTRS: Strong and muscular with some length, well developed second thighs, (gaskin) and strong low-set hocks.
  • MOVEMENT: Movement free, easy and true, without undue knee action but active and covering the ground.


Good temperament, hardiness and staying power, intelligence, soundness, surefootedness, jumping ability, suitable for child or adult.


Connemara ponies should be shown in as natural a state as possible and the following rules should be observed.

  1. MANES - ponies should be shown unplaited. However, very thick manes may be discreetly thinned but should look as natural as possible.
  2. TAILS - should look natural and should not but pulled but may be squared off at the bottom.
  3. HEAD - Ears may be trimmed flat (no trimming inside of the ears). Light trimming of long hairs in jawline is permitted. Whiskers should not be trimmed.
  4. LEGS - No trimming of feather on legs or trimming into heels.
  5. No false hair, artificial coloring or make-up should be used.
  6. Ridden ponies ONLY may be clipped in the interest of welfare. Legs should not be clipped. Under no circumstances should foals be clipped.
  7. The Society does not object to ponies being freeze branded. This should not be detrimental to animals in the show ring and should be encouraged. 

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