NPS America will promote, support and recognize Mountain & Moorland and British Riding Ponies in the United States in addition to fostering the welfare of ponies in general.


Our brochure is available for you to download. It is a tri-fold design and should be printed on both sides of a single 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper using Adobe Reader, with a custom paper size in Page Setup set to have zero width margins, and the "Auto-Rotate and Center" checkbox unchecked. It is best printed on glossy brochure paper, but 28 lb. plain paper can also be used effectively. If you need multiple copies of brochures for a special event, please . Thank you for your interest in promoting NPS America!



On January 18, 2008 the United Kingdom’s National Pony Society (NPS) council unanimously voted to accept NPS America’s application for membership in its 115 year old organization. The NPS was developed to encourage the breeding, registration and improvement of British Riding and Mountain & Moorland ponies and to foster the welfare of ponies in general and is honored to have HRH The Princess Royal as its patron. The organization has continually recognized the importance of the Mountain & Moorland breeds - the Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest, Shetland and Welsh ponies.

NPS America is the first international area chapter of the NPS and will be critical to the development of Mountain & Moorland and British Riding ponies in America. While many of these pony breeds are embraced in the United States, others are little known. The rarer breeds, like the Dales and Highland, are slowly growing in popularity, while mainstays like the Connemara and Welsh continue to be top choices for equine enthusiasts. NPS America will cultivate these ponies as safe, versatile, and talented mounts for both the amateur and professional horseman, while acting as a resource for breeders and owners alike in maintaining the traditional character of these breeds.

The dream of NPS America began in California with a small but dedicated group of Mountain & Moorland enthusiasts and breeders. NPS Chairperson Linda Impey was instrumental in the development of NPS America, acting as a mentor to the intrepid group and offering her assistance in the application process.

About Us

NPS America will be unique in a number of ways, yet basically similar to most chapters of the NPS. Our mission will be that of the NPS, as quoted from their literature, "to encourage the breeding, registration, and improvement of Riding Ponies and Mountain & Moorland ponies and to foster the welfare of ponies in general." That, in itself, is a big job. The United States is a big country, without the extensive exposure, history, and familiarity with these wonderful breeds, and not quite the pony friendly culture that the UK fosters.

NPS America will be structured to accomplish this challenging job. As all chapters of the NPS do, we will have four officers, a council and a variety of specialized committees and positions. In addition, three important groups have been created. The first group will consist of four area representatives, each dealing with a geographic area of the US. The second will be ten breed representatives, each representing a specific breed community. And finally, four communications links have been set up, that will operate in the form of Yahoo discussion groups all can participate in. Additional detailed information on the NPS America's structure, organization, and representatives will available on our website soon.

As with most organizations, and as required by the NPS, all NPS America positions will be voted upon by our membership. At our inception, this is nearly an impossible task. Therefore, on an interim basis, a variety of people who are currently involved with British Native Ponies in the US have been asked to assume a variety of roles. As the "birthplace" of NPS America, California has taken the lead in many of these roles. Please rest assured, we whole-heartedly look to remedy this situation at our first election!

ChairmanMichelle Winans
Honorary PresidentLinda Impey

NPS America Council:

  • Judy Brescia
  • Adrienne Grasso
  • Rosemary Hardwick Harris
  • Caroline Nesbitt

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